Socratic Circle- Fundraisers

One of the high points of my year last year was when I did a Socratic Circle in my class.  We used a lesson from Robert Kaplinsky’s website– by the way, I am so happy to see that recently everyone seems to have found the awesomeness that he has on there, cause it is great!  We just completed another Circle this week, although we didn’t use one of his lessons, I’m planning on using a bunch of them during my next unit.

This time, we use a problem on fund raising from Math Gains.  I liked this problem to do early in the year because the math was pretty basic and there was no clear right or wrong answer.  Students were able to bring in many other considerations in addition to the math behind the fund raising to support their reasoning.

Yet again, this proved to be an amazing activity because it got the kids talking about math.  So many kids surprised me.  Students who have barely spoken in class were suddenly in the inner circle debating.  After day 1, I had a student who will barely lift a pencil in class yell “no!” when I said class was over and run up to me excitedly to tell me how great this activity was because it was a real world problem.

I’m trying Box instead of Scribd because apparently Scribd needs a password now.  If you need anything I have previously uploaded to Scribd, please ask.  I am happy to email you the documents.  Excuse the formatting if it is off, I used a fun font 🙂

Part 1

Part 2



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