Mini Review Units/ Integers

One of the things I have decided to do this year is to have mini review units in between each of my larger units.  So this year, I did a Rational Numbers unit, then an Expressions and Equations unit.  Now I am going to spend the next week reviewing rational numbers before going on a to a new unit.  After that unit, a rational numbers review week again, then an expressions and equations review week.  I am hoping that these mini units will keep students on top of the material we learned before and help them to realize that just because a unit is over doesn’t mean that they aren’t responsible for the material again.  On Friday, we did The Great Integer Race.  Each student got an addition or subtraction problem and they had to silently walk around the room and find the person with a problem that would result in the same answer.  But then, I added a next step.  We have been working on putting in Claims, Evidence, and Reasoning piece into our plans this year.  Once students found their matches, they had to write how they knew that their match was correct.  They switched their problems on the way back to their seats, then did the whole thing 4 more times.  It was pretty basic, but helped to review some skills they had learned in the past.



2 thoughts on “Mini Review Units/ Integers

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