Calling on Students

I’ve been doing something amazing this year. It is something that I always knew I was supposed to be doing but was super nervous to do it and I don’t know why. I am calling on random students. Actually, I’m not. I’m not pulling popsicle sticks or numbers or using a fancy app. I’m calling on whoever I want to whenever I want to. My goal is to have every student in class answer at least 3 questions in very class. I’m calling on students who I know will struggle with my question so I can walk them through the struggle and bring them out the other side. I’m calling on students who answer “I don’t know” and I’m not accepting it. I’m asking why more times than my 2 year old. I’m asking the same question 50 times and hearing the same answer 50 times in 50 different ways.
And it is


The leap in engagement in my class is huge. And then, there’s the scores. They are hitting my assessments out of the park. Because they know their stuff.

Go do it. Once you start you will be addicted.


One thought on “Calling on Students

  1. Great stuff. Especially the “Whys”. My favorite question: “Does anyone else have the same answer but another way to explain it?”

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