Human Number Line

Things have been insane around here.  Work has been your typical beginning of the school year craziness with the added bonus of all new common core stuff to get used to, but then the adjustment to a 2 year old and 3 month old twins has left me with absolutely no time to blog.  I read other blogs and get great ideas all of the time thanks to the app on my phone (very easy to do with a bottle in one hand and a phone in the other!), but actually writing my own posts is hard to get to.  My activity today is worth finding the time, though!  I had students  convert all of the fractions, decimals, and percents.  Then they put the numbers in order on the number line.  Then the best part- they had to get in order from smallest to greatest, but without talking.  This was a perfect way to see which students understood where things belonged and what misconceptions students had.  Then I had them mix up and do the same thing backwards.  Great activity!

Here is the file on Scribd- but I hear  you need a subscription now!  Let me know if you need it emailed.

Human Number Line


One thought on “Human Number Line

  1. I did something similar to this. I printed out sheets that had different fractions, decimals, and square roots for my Pre Algebra class. I told them they had to line them up from least to greatest on the chalk rail and I was surprised when they asked if they could talk. This must be a common activity that a lot of teachers do.

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