Combining Like Terms/Whiteboards

This week, we continued with our fast food theme and I used the same hamburgers, fries, and pop pictures to create a combining like terms activity.


I really think the best feeling ever is teaching a lesson where students have always struggled when I have taught it in the past, and then a new idea suddenly makes it make sense to them.  I heard one of my kids say quietly, “This is awesome.”  WOW.  That’s a good feeling.

We also have used whiteboards a lot this week, and they have been amazing.  There is something magic about kids being able to write on whiteboards that seems to motivate even the most stubborn students.  I can also monitor so much better when I sit in the front of the room and I can easily see everyone’s work and answers and make any corrections that I need to.  I am also easily able to differentiate this way, because I can see which kids are moving fast and doing well and then assign them harder problems while I work with students who are struggling.  Yay!


3 thoughts on “Combining Like Terms/Whiteboards

  1. I bought some white boards for my class a couple months go and every time we get them out for an activity they gt super excited. I’m like you realize you are still working math problems, right? Whatever gets them going! I used them while we were doing geometry this week for decomposing polygons to find area. I think some of them may actually be getting it!

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