Distributive Property

I saw this idea on Sarah’s Math = Love blog.  She actually got the idea from Adventures in Teaching.  So the idea is to teach the distributive property using combo meals.  I created this activity for the kids to do.


I feel like this was the first time I taught the distributive property where the kids were all talking about how easy it was and how it made so much sense- such a great feeling for a teacher!  I am going to do the same thing for combining like terms tomorrow, so I hope the success continues!

The distributive property


67 thoughts on “Distributive Property

  1. Could you please email the word document for you distributive property page. I love how you set it up and I would like to use it. I don’t have a Scribd account and the box form is a little messed up. russta@bps-ok.org is my school email however it doesn’t always work so you can use my personal teannruss@gmail.com

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