Student Relationships

This is just on my mind, so I thought I would write a little something 🙂

Last week, our principal and assistant principal were both out of the building, and I had the opportunity to be in charge for the day and sub for them.  I told my kids what was happening the day before since I was going to have my own sub and they would be seeing me around.

I just loved how many kids stopped by the office I was hanging out in for the day to ask how it was going or to tell me I did great on the announcements.  I also had a ton of kids make sure that I would be back in the classroom the next day.  I know we all have those moments where the kids are driving us crazy and things are frustrating, but I think this is why we all work with kids- those relationships that we build that are about so much more than the subject we teach.

That’s all…


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