Ugh.  What a horrible day today.  Every teacher’s worst nightmare- crickets.  If I thought I was amusing anyone other than myself, I would have pulled a “Bueller?  Bueller?”  So now I am sitting here thinking about what went wrong and what I should have done differently. 

Here is what we did:  The lesson was our first one in our data unit and we were looking at surveys and sampling methods.  We took a few notes on sampling methods, then I had the kids come up with the population, sample, and possible bias for a few different situations.  This was when the crickets started to sound.  They just couldn’t understand what these things meant and how they were different.  Then we did a population/sample/possible bias matching activity where I gave them a situation and a list of the populations, samples, and biases all mixed up.  They had to match the correct answers.  The tricky part was that I left one of the answers off of each of the situations, and they were supposed to fill that in. 

I have come to two conclusions…

1. I should have done a few quick notes then have them do the matching first before I had them come up with their own populations/samples/biases.  I also should not have left one off.  It was too confusing.  Next time I will just give them all of these pieces.  It was too much to do at once for something they had probably never seen before.

2. I really don’t think there is a problem with lessons that aren’t earth shattering and on-the-edge-of-your-seat engaging at every minute.  The world we live in has made a group of kids who tune out the minute I am not dancing around in front of them waving something brightly colored.  I sat through many many boring lessons where I had to take notes and spit the info back out and I learned the material just fine.  I do not thing we should have to make every single lesson a huge production.  However, this one still sucked 🙂


One thought on “Crickets

  1. So sorry it was bad. You are correct though. Every day does not have to be full of entertainment. I am sure the lesson was great….really!

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