Slicing 3D Figures

One of the very first blog posts I came upon this summer when my blogging journey began was Julie’s Volume of 3D Shapes with Play-doh.  I have been so excited to do something like this since I read this post and since I found little tubs of play doh at the $1 spot at Target.

Instead of finding the volume, we used the play doh to do one of 7th grade’s new 7th grade stadards, slicing 3D figures.


Each of the kids was given a container of play doh and a plastic knife.  We formed 3D shapes and then made parallel and perpendicular cuts and examined the cross sections.  This was one of my favorite things we have done this year, and I am pretty sure the kids agreed!  They really seemed to get what we were doing and had a little fun, too!

The other awesome part was the kids were over the top impressed with my amazing sculpting skills.  And I do not have amazing sculpting skills.  But every single class was in awe of my shapes and how quickly I made them.  Great ego booster.

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