Pi Day

I have loved celebrating Pi Day with my classes since I started teaching.  I think it is a great experience for the kids to do some fun, memorable things in the math classroom.  This year, I did a few new things and a few old things, but I couldn’t fit everything into Thursday, so we continued into Friday too 🙂

We started with Elizabeth’s Cookies, Cakes, and Pi, Oh My! activity from this post over at Hodge’s Herald.


Then we ate some yummy treats that the kids brought in.

20130314-082458.jpg          20130314-084008.jpg

Then we read Sir Cumference and the First Round Table.  For years, I have been wanting to do an activity with this book, but I have never been able to make it work.  This year I put an insane amount of time into creating this crazy activity, and the kids absolutely loved it.


Each kid started out with this crazy sheet of paper.  Let me say again how much time it took to create this silly thing.  The first table that Sir Cumference makes is a rectangle.  The kids measured the rectangle and found the area.  Then he cuts the table in half and makes it into a square.  So the kids cut on the center line and taped it back together as a square.  Again, they found the area.  Then they did the same, creating a parallelogram.  Then an octagon, then an oval, then a circle.  Each of the tables that he made were made from the original rectangle.  The kids can see how changing the shape doesn’t change the area since they don’t actually cut anything off until the octagon.  Then I had the kids figure out what size circle they would need to make since the circle they made from the rectangle table is much smaller than the original rectangle.  It was exactly what I had imagined.


Crazy Cutting Activity

Then the kids created pi chains.  I have done this every year, and it is always a favorite.  Each digit is represented by a color and the kids have a competition to create the longest paper chain with the digits of pi.


Finally, we did a pi scavenger hunt from Sum Math Madness.


All-in-all, a very successful Pi Day this year!


4 thoughts on “Pi Day

  1. Hi Courtney! For years I did the pi chain too. But each junior high kid, in alphabetical order, was assigned a 5-digit sequence (so 14159 went to the first kid in the alphabet), so we created this long 1000+digits chain to decorate our hallways.

    • So fun! I love hanging the chains up in the hallways, it makes them look so colorful. At my old school, we had a competition for 6th, 7th, and 8th for the longest chain. So I would start in one class, then continue with the next class, etc until the end of the day. Then we put all of them along the hall and they would go nearly the entire length of the school. Loved it!

    • So much more fun to measure cookies and cakes instead of regular circles. I thought it was a fun variation. Sorry you are on spring break during Pi Day! You should do one before the kids leave in honor of missing it. An honorary Pi Day.

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