Test Review + My Funny for the Week

I have done this type of review before but I changed a little bit about it this time.   I put the kids into groups and they have to compete to be the first group to get all of the problems checked off.  This time, however, I required all of the students to have all of the problems checked off instead of just one page for each group, and then I also added a key step that I loved.  Every time someone brought a page up to me, I would ask pick random problems that they had to explain to me.  Working in groups got them talking, which I loved, but then they also had to hold up their own end of things by proving they knew their stuff.  If they didn’t know it, I sent them back to their groups to figure it out then they had to come back to me and explain the problem.  Some kids came up to me multiple times before I would approve their problem.  But they learned it in the end!

My funny for the day/week:  A student came up to me and I asked him how he got the answer to the problem and he responded, “that’s what my calculator said.”  So I stopped the whole class and I told them that calculators do not tell us answers.  They don’t say, “Hey Steve, the answer is 45.” You put things in your calculator and it does those things.  I want to know those things you told your calculator to do.  Then I sent them back to work.  About 30 seconds later, a student came up to me and handed me his calculator.  His graphing calculator.  And on it, he had typed, “Name the answer is 45.”  🙂  I guess he showed me!  And that is why I love teaching middle school.


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