Floor Plan

This past week, we have been working on a version of Sarah’s Apartment Remodel Project.  We did not do all of her amazing flooring stuff, we just stuck to finding the basic area and perimeter of rooms.  I did change some things a bit.

Sarah posted a picture of the floor plan she used, but she said she didn’t have the file anymore.  I ended up creating my own that is pretty much the same exact thing as hers without the detail.  I also changed some of the measurements.


Here is the space I gave them to work in.

Sarah had them draw all of the rooms on graph paper, then use that paper to find the area.  I started off with this as my plan, but then decided that was not necessary since they had the measurements.  Big mistake.  While I think this activity had the potential to be great, the amount of rooms that I gave them (since I also added outside stuff), along with no graph paper was way overwhelming and too much.  I will for sure do this again, I think it was a great way to have them figure out missing measurements and find the area of irregular figures.  But I for sure will have them do it on graph paper!  This will make the concept of area so much easier to understand and help them to visualize the area much better.


2 thoughts on “Floor Plan

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