Common Core

Sarah posted on my last post about sharing some suggestions with the upcoming transition that many of us will be going through as we move to common core.  I think this is a great idea and I certainly would love to see what everyone else is doing!

We currently use the Holt textbooks and I do not find them to be well correlated to the common core.  There are some things I can use, but I will need to supplement a lot.  I don’t use the textbook a lot in general anyway, but I do use it for examples and practice sometimes.

I also would love to see a bank of assessments that are more in the style of common core and the way it requires students to problem solve and think in way different ways about problems.

I have looked at the example problems on the Smarter Balanced website, and while those are awesome, there aren’t a lot of them yet, so I would love to see more we can work with.

If you have anything you have found, please share it here in the comments and I would be happy to get a list of things together!


4 thoughts on “Common Core

  1. I teach Carnegie Learning which is fully aligned to common core. We jumped in full force this year and common core is hard core let me tell you. It is kicking our kids butts. I am not thrilled with Carnegie’s assessments, but they are way more challenging with multi step real world application.

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