Why I Loved this Week…

My top priority in my class, seriously above teaching the material, is having a well run classroom.  When this happens, the teaching part is insanely easier.  I hate the beginning of the year when everyone is learning procedures and everyone has to ask me how to do things and where things are all of the time.  While the winter blues get us all down, I love this time of year when the kids just “get” it.  They know what I expect coming in to the room, they know what I expect when working, they know what I expect when I am demonstrating something… and I know exactly which student just talked out of turn even though my back was to the class 🙂  This week was ideal for this.  I am teaching area of shapes, and while I completely value mixing things up and having a little variety, the notes that I prepared for this lesson included the same basic set up and materials for each shape.  So while the kids were taking a quick assessment over the previous day’s work, I passed out materials, put my example notebook on the Elmo, and then the kids set up everything as soon as they finished.  And the best part was, I did not tell them to do this!  That is what I love.  Not that kids can follow the instructions when you tell them (we all dream of this happening), but that Ididn’t tell them.  They knew that if I wrote it in my notebook, they needed it in theirs, they knew that if I wrote that title down, they needed to write that title down… So then I was free to do other things rather than sit and explain what I wanted the kids to do next.  Then when everyone was done with the assesment, I gave them a 2 minute warning and everyone was ready to go when I was without me saying a word.  Ahhhh… one of my favorite teaching feelings…

On another note, I was hanging around pinterest last night and I saw something amazing… something pinned from my blog!  Now I know many people have pinned things, and that is the coolest thing EVER.  I can see that people have come to my blog from what others have pinned.  But last night I was on the main page looking at totally random things from strangers… and right in the middle of the crock pot meals and nail polish was a picture from my blog.  So crazy!

And on yet another note, thanks for the continued well wishes for my growing family.  I don’t think I mentioned this before, but we did find out that the twins are both BOYS!  So our 21 month old and I will need to band together as the only girls in the house.  We are beyond thrilled!


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