Angle Relationships

I read this post by Angie over at Coefficients of Determination, and she basically sums up everything about my teaching that has changed this year.  Last year, I had the kids do a ton of graphic organizers.  I don’t think this was a bad thing.  It is just that foldables are so much more interactive and engaging and they also provide a great way for students to study for assessments.  This specific post showed a graphic organizer that Angie had used in the past that she changed into a foldable.  I took her foldable and made something very similar, except I used the 4 angle relationships that I teach vs the ones she teaches.  I loved how her foldable allowed students to fold the words so they were on top or the pictures so students could study either way.

Angle Relationships Foldable

Last weekend I was looking for a book for one of my students, and I found my set of K’nex from when I was a kid.  BAM!  Brilliant idea.

I gave the kids a set of K’nex and they needed to create each one of the four types of angle relationships we had learned about.  They loved it.  Can’t wait to think of more things I can do with these.  Plus, I want to get all of the old directions and build the K’nex rollercoaster I had as a kid.



One thought on “Angle Relationships

  1. I love the knex idea!!! I just bought some knex pieces on ebay to be able to build angles in my class. Thanks for the inspiration!

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