I don’t know what is going on with my kids this week!  The motivation factor has totally disappeared.  Students aren’t doing homework and aren’t prepared for class.  But more than that, all of a sudden the motivation to understand the material is suddenly gone.  I hope this lack of motivation comes back cause it is rough in 7th grade right now!

On to better things, even if the motivation is gone, I feel like we’ve done some ok lessons this week.  Percents are hard for a lot of kids, so I’ve done a lot of basic practice stuff instead of fancy stuff. 

Monday we worked on percent increase and decrease with this activity:


Then Tuesday we did a foldable on commission and sales tax.  This one has me baffled.  I am truly struggling to understand why the kids don’t get this.  I agree that commission may be something they aren’t familiar with at all, but sales tax should be something they see all of the time.  I know they don’t figure it out when they go to the store, but I guess they really don’t know where that total price comes from. 


Then today we worked on simple interest.  This was by far the best day as far as student comprehension.  I felt much better at the end of this lesson like maybe we were actually on the same page!


Wish me luck in bringing back that motivation to my students tomorrow and next week!


One thought on “Percents

  1. My 8th graders had the exact same motivation issues this week…interesting. It’s nice to hear that I’m not the only one : )

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