#msSunFun- 2012 in Review


August 2012 was when I first read about the mathtwitterblogosphere.  This was a major turning point in my professional career.  Until now, I hadn’t really read a whole lot of blogs, and I certainly NEVER planned on writing one.  But August was when I really started reading blogs that lead me to more blogs that lead me to more blogs that lead me to the Math Blogging Initatiation and I decided to jump.  I jumped into something I really had never been on my radar ever before.  But something told me to try it.  And through this, I met so many other people who were doing exactly what I was doing and we started sharing ideas.  Now, as of January 13, 2012, I am amazed to say I have had over 9,000 views of my blog.  That shocks me.  What is even more shocking is that people from 53 countries have viewed my blog.  How can that be?  Blogging has changed what I do professionally.  It has made me a better teacher because I get feedback from others and I have an open space where I can ask questions and share my thoughts without judgement.  It has been an amazing experience.

Other than the whole experience in general, by far the coolest thing that blogging has lead me to has been what I was able to do in my classroom this year with the book If the World were a Village.  Simply posting my project on here lead the author, David J. Smith, to contact me eventually leading to him Skyping with my students.  I have also seen the project that I made posted on several other websites, which I still cannot fathom. 

So thank you to those amazing bloggers who came before me and who have responded to my questions and comments with nothing but support and love.  I am honored to call myself a blogger alongside such inspiring people.

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