Test Review

So I took another idea from Sarah over at Math = Love and used her review game.  The kids each got a worksheet with 8 problems from our test tomorrow.  All of the answers were given, except that some of them were incorrect.  In groups, students had to solve each problem, and decide if I had the correct or incorrect answer.  When they finished the problems, they had to decide how much money they would be willing to bet that they had the correct answer and could tell me if my answer was correct or incorrect.

Then the auction began!  This part was so much fun.  I, of course, clearly explained the rules before hand, but shockingly enough- some students missed the key parts.  Those who understood how you could win did much better with the auction.

So each group got $1000 to spend.  The group who purchased the most correct answers by the end of the auction won the game.  BUT if there was a tie the group with the most money left over won.

Clearly one group understood the rules in my first hour.  They spent $300 early, then kept watch of the clock and when we were near the end of our time, jumped in with a sudden $700 bet and won the game with 2 purchased answers.

Others, however, did not understand the logic.  One round was going as predicted, and a group jumped in with a $999 bet.  While they won that round, they clearly didn’t win any other rounds, nor did they have the most money left in the end.

I loved it because it involved the logic of placing their bets without them even knowing that they were doing math!

As an aside, thanks for all the well wishes for the babies!  I will assume from my level of sickness that they are thriving in there… or else they are pretty mad at me.  But it is totally worth it in the end!


2 thoughts on “Test Review

  1. Hope all is going well and you are getting some rest this break!
    I really enjoy reading your posts and use so many of your ideas in my classroom.
    I nominated you for the Liebster Award. Please visit my blog to retrieve it.
    Hodges Herald

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