Excuse time…

Well it is finally time to reveal my lame excuse for why my blogging has slowed down…  I don’t share a ton of personal stuff on here, but this is big enough that I feel like I can share it.

My husband and I are pleased to announce that we are pregnant… with TWINS!

Wow, you are thinking, that’s great and all, but why do you think this gives you some sort of pass on blogging and why do I care?  No, this is not an annoucement that my blog is turning into a twin pregnancy mom blog.  It simply turns out that when you are pregnant with twins, you don’t only get twice the babies.  You get twice the nausea, twice the exhaustion… That plus working all day plus a 19 month old at home has left me one tired mess of a person by my daughter’s bedtime, and blogging just hasn’t been possible when I am fighting to keep my eyes open.

The blogging will continue as soon as I get my energy back!  (I predict that to be at least by the time the twins are 3.)

In the meantime, enjoy the questions and comments that my 7th graders came up with when I told them about my babies today:

“Is that why you eat all of the time?”

“You are going to get huge.  Like really huge.”

“Will you name one of the babies after me?”

“Do they both come out at once?”

“What did your husband say?”

“Where do the babies pee?”

“That’s a lot of diapers.”

“Is that why you’ve been wearing sea bands?  Cause you are nervous and they keep you safe?”

“Can I be the godmother?”

“Do you want a c section or a natural birth?”

“Is that why you have been so cranky this week?”

And on that note… This tired momma is going to get some rest!


3 thoughts on “Excuse time…

  1. That’s exciting news! I have twins + one more, but I had the twins first. You’ll be a great twin mommy because you’ve already been through all of that newborn/infant stuff with your first one. I can’t imagine teaching and chasing after a 19 month old + the 1st trimester exhaustion. I remember coming home from school to take a 2-hour nap, waking up long enough for dinner, and going right back to sleep nearly every night!

    I’m not sure about your 3 year prediction for getting your energy back. My twins are 15 years old and I’m still tired! 😉

  2. AHHH!!! Double the congrats from me! Thank you so much for sharing. We are people first — like being a mom, a wife, a sister, a daughter — before we are teachers. This is wonderful news. Okay, now go rest. Please do keep us updated with your progress whenever you have a moment. One-sentence post works too!! Take good care.

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