Pre Algebra Road Trip

I am excited to say that today we began Sarah’s Pre Algebra Road Trip project over at Math = Love.  I read about this project this summer, and immediately tagged it in my greader to do this year with the kids.  We had some other things to do today, so we did not get very far today, but the kids were super excited to get to choose the cities they wanted to visit.  Unfortunately, I also got to hear questions like, “I can’t find Paris, where is it on the map?”  We also measured the distances between the cities.  It absolutely amazes me that 7th graders really don’t know how to measure using a ruler.  I don’t know where this got lost along the way, but when I demonstrated, it was like I was showing them something brand new.  This is a major problem!  We need to get started on some real work application on this skill right away.


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