I’m Back! or Similar Figures Performance Task

The following is dedicated to @mr_stadel…

I have been totally MIA for a few weeks now.   Number one excuse I will give you is being busy at work, excuse number two will be under wraps for a little longer…  While you all ponder what in the world that could mean, I will get down to business!

Another reason I haven’t felt moved to blog in a while is because we are in the middle of our proportions unit right now.  I feel like for the first few units this year, I was able to come up with some fun and different ways to present the information.  For this unit, it may just be how busy I have been, but I haven’t come up with anything particularly blog-worthy lately.  I feel like you can do so many cool things with proportions, we just haven’t been able to get there yet because my kids are not able to move beyond the basics.  We have done similar figures in so many different ways, yet to some kids they are still a mystery.  One thing that I will be having the kids do on Tuesday is this Similar Figures performance task.  I will use it as an assessment, and I am hoping it will prove that my kids have actually learned this stuff!


One thought on “I’m Back! or Similar Figures Performance Task

  1. My favorite proportions unit with my 6th graders is Barbie. (Yes, I use them for more than just the bungee jumps.) I have the kids, though not every year, scale a room in their home.

    I believe there are A LOT of proportions on 101qs.com — just fire up these images/videos and have kids take guesses.

    Glad you’re blogging again!

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