Even more If the World Were a Village Stuff

I feel like I have been away from the blog for so long, but we really haven’t been doing anything new.  My kids have been working so hard on their awesome If the World Were a Village projects.  They/I have been loving them, but we are to the point that we are ready to be done and move on to something else.

Some of the things the kids have been doing with the data from the book:

Making graphs


Solving proportions to convert the data from the book to actual real world numbers, and how many students would be in our own classroom:


Doing scale drawings:

Making pictographs using Microsoft Excel:


Changing the data to fit inside one person, converting fractions, decimals, and percents, estimating area of irregular figures, and coloring sections to represent the percents:


Students will then put everything on a poster to display everything they have done.  I have been getting great feedback from them.

I was also so excited that David J. Smith, author of the book, was kind enough to answer questions my students had for him.  They seriously screamed when I said he had written back with the answers.  We are also working right now to set up a Skype visit, and I am so excited for my kids!


7 thoughts on “Even more If the World Were a Village Stuff

  1. I would love more information about your If the world were a village project. My 7th grade students and I are about to begin our IB showcase project. Our inquiry statement is “The world is bigger than me; my contributions are valuable.” We are going to begin by doing research and I think some of your activities would tie in nicely. I love the data converted into a person! Very creative. Can I purchase any of these materials on teacher pay teacher or would you be willing to share?

  2. This is amazing!! Would you be willing to share as well? My grade 7’s would absolutely love this. Please let me know!

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