The Moment…

I had it today.

That moment.

That moment we all are waiting for.  The reason we all teach.

When you are working with a student… and… they GET IT.  You can see the connections being made and the (I’ll quote Oprah) ah-ha moment.

Here’s what happened-

A student was working on his proportions for his If the World Were a Village project.  He was doing the part of the project where they convert the numbers from the book out to figure out how many people that would represent in our classroom.

His first answer was 5.67.  He needed help on rounding that number to a whole number, so we went over it.  He seemed to get it, moved on, and I continued to walk around and work with other kids.

His hand went up again.  His second answer was 2.43.  I didn’t remember his first answer, so I was very confused when he said to me, “but the numbers are supposed to go 2, 3, 4.”  We talked more, and at some point I realized that his first answer was 5.67, then his second answer was 2.43, and so he thought that all of the answers had to have consecutive numbers and that answer two was out of order.

All of the consecutive number issues mixed together with the rounding questions, and I had one very confused student on my hands.

Thank goodness these problems were a whole number plus two decimal places because I pulled out the, “Well if you had $2.43 would you be closer to $2 or $3?”  Cue the moment of understanding.

“THAT’S why the first one rounded to 6!! Because $5.67 is closer to $6 than it is to $5.”



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