#msSunFun- Awesome blog posts this week


For #msSunFun this week, we are commenting on other awesome blogs and then posting about it.

#1: Live. Teach. Create.-  Pop Quiz I had been thinking about bringint this idea into my class, and then I read this post about pop quizzes.  Love the popcorn pictures 🙂  I want my kids to know that just because we already taught the lesson and took a unit test on the material, you still need to remember it and use it in class.

#2: Hands on Math- Ant Trivia Awesome idea about proportions with fun facts about ants.  This arrives with perfect timing while I am planning my proportions unit! 

#3: Math = Love- Unit Rates Love love love this idea to cut out prices from the newspaper and have the kids figure out unit rates.  So excited to save my paper this weekend and do this with my students!

#4: Simplifying Radicals- Proficien-tree So so excited to try this idea!  Leaves get put on a tree every time a student demonstrates proficiency.  So fun for the students to watch the trees grow!

#5: Hoppe Ninja Math- Like Terms Art Projects Love these art projects they created for combining like terms.  Definitely saved for use later this year!


2 thoughts on “#msSunFun- Awesome blog posts this week

  1. Thanks for the blog mention/love! I actually had a student come to me after her quiz and said, “Mrs.S, you always use pictures that go with what we are learning but neither problem is about popcorn.” I hated to burst her bubble and say it was for the “pop” quiz. I pop popcorn as a treat for those who make a 100.

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