#made4math- Scratch Off Unit Rates


I was so inspired by this post over at Sch00l Stuff and I knew I wanted to do my own scratch off assignment.  I will definitely use her ideas a little more next time, because I did them all myself this time and it is taking forever! So excited to use it in class, though. 

So I created the worksheet I wanted on unit rates.  The groups will need to find each unit rate and decide which is the better buy.  Then at the bottom of the boxes, I put the word correct or incorrect.  This is the part that I covered up with the tape and scratch off solution (2 parts paint and 1 part dish soap).  I did need a couple of coats of the solution.  I also just went with green paint instead of silver because that is what I had here at home.  Groups will need to decide which one is the right answer and scratch it off.

Unit Rates



3 thoughts on “#made4math- Scratch Off Unit Rates

  1. Thanks for explaining this approach. I have a couple of questions….I like the worksheet idea and wondered how long it took you to create the worksheets? Did you find that it stimulated the students willingness to stick with the exploration?

    • The painting part probably took an hour and a half over a period of time because you have to let one coat of paint dry before doing the next one. Way too long, but I think the kids will have so much fun with it. I haven’t taught it yet, but I am hoping that the thought of scratching off the wrong side will make them very careful to check their answers and work together. I will update when I actually use it!

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