Solving Inequalities

I loved Sarah’s inequalities notes over at Math = Love.  I changed them a bit to meet the needs of my class and here is what I came up with:


So I used these notes with my class Friday, figured it wasn’t too difficult, and moved on to doing my favorite review activity.  I gave the students a problem to do, they did the problem on a quarter sheet of paper, then tossed them into the box in the center of the room.  Students who made the shot and had the correct answer won that round.  It is not something that we use to review every time, but it is fun every once in a while.

Then Monday, the students took the test over unit 2.  I had 4 objectives that I covered on that test.  Objectives 1-3 went awesome, but students across the board bombed solving inequalities.  It was clear that I had not done enough with them.  Unfortunately, we are in the middle of standardized testing this week, then an awesome team building day at a local camp, so I haven’t seen my classes at all since Monday.  Tomorrow, we will use this activity to go back over solving and graphing inequalities before everyone will do a retake of that section of the test.  Hopefully it will go better this time!

Formatting is a bit off due to the uploading, ugh. 

Here it is anyway… Solving Inequalities

And finally, here is a picture of me up at the top of the high ropes course with the kids today.  So much fun to just relax with the kids and spend a day doing team building activities.  I especially like that they get to see the teachers doing things like archery, survival, high ropes, rock climbing, etc where they might fail or might be nervous or might need support from the kids to get through.  It is something we do with our kids every year in October and I love it!


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