Graphing Inequalities Day 2

Today we began by doing a words-inequality-graph matching activity.  This went pretty fast and I was very happy to see that a few of my kids who struggle a lot were very successful on this activity!  Love it when kids like this can feel success instead of being frustrated yet again!

Here is a better picture:


Then we played a graphing dice game.


I took my regular dice and put stickers on each side, one for <, >, then < or = and > or =.  I don’t know how to do the fancy symbols on here 🙂  I also did double of two of them to fill the six sides.  I gave each group one of these dice and one regular die.  The students had to roll the inequality die to get the symbol, then the number die to get the number, then graph that inequality.  I had several students tell me that they loved it and it was fun!  Yay!



35 thoughts on “Graphing Inequalities Day 2

  1. I did the dice game today… Instead of stickers on the dice, put on the board that the 1 was for and so on. Then I gave another person in the group two dice and they rolled the number to be graphed (they took the the two dice and made the largest number possible, such as 5 and 4 was 54. If they rolled the combo again it was 45 and if they did again… They rolled again. Actually had this happen!) they LOVED it! Thank you!

  2. I would LOVE this activity!! Would you be able to email it to me? I too do not have a scribd account and am shocked that you have to pay to access great resources like these! My team is really trying to get more hands-on and activity based!

  3. Hi! I would also love a copy of these activities. If someone would email them to me I would very much appreciate it! Thank you.

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