Graphing Inequalities Day 1

Today we had shortened hours because of state testing, so we did not have a lot of time in class, but we did get some basic graphing inequalities notes.

I started off giving each student 4 different colored post its.  I knew that the kids were in the interactive notebook groove when several of them immediately said to me, “Do we glue them in?” 

I had the kids draw pencil lines around the outside of the post it, so when we took them off, they would know the area that they had to write the notes in, and could put the post its back where they came from.  I then had the kids write the 4 inequality symbols down, one per post it.

Then under each post it, we wrote details about the specific symbol.  An example inequality, then two numbers that could fit into the inequality, then a graph of that example.


The kids loved the post its!


4 thoughts on “Graphing Inequalities Day 1

  1. Love this! I have to remember it next quarter when we are graphing inequalities. And I have to get some brightly colored post-it notes. They make the page look so much more interesting than if there were only yellow ones.

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