Whiteboarding on Desks

I read about using desks as a whiteboard over at my new favorite blog, School of Fisher.  Erika writes her instructions right on her desk with a whiteboard marker.  I decided to have my kids use whiteboard markers on their own desks today to do more equation practice.  I will not have the kids do this every day, so hopefully it will retain a bit of the magic becasuse we are breaking the rules. 

Tomorrow we begin inequalities and I am so excited for what I have planned thanks to the blogs I am reading!


2 thoughts on “Whiteboarding on Desks

  1. I did the “whiteboard on your desk” thing a couple of weeks go with my classes, and it went really well. They worked with a partner to write a ratio word problem on a desk and then solved their own problem on the desk next to it. Then they switched sides and another pair of students checked the question for clarity and the answer for accuracy — then they erased the answer. Pairs then rotated around to different desks answering the problem, checking with the previous pair to see if their answers matched, then erasing their work. The students LOVED it! I hope you have the same success that I did.

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