#msSunFun- Sub Plans

Sub plans for math teachers are always so hard because you never know if the sub you get will be someone who is comfortable with teaching math or not.  I feel like more often than not, I have gotten people who aren’t, so I never leave plans assuming the sub will teach something new.  In the past, I have left some sort of practice that has to do with the unit we are doing at the time.  My school requires us to have emergency plans in place, but I haven’t ever use those because I have never had anything that would truly be an emergency (thank goodness!) that I wouldn’t be able to plan a specific practice activity for. 

Right now, my emergency plans are mostly puzzles from the Super Teacher Worksheet site.  Unfortunately, it won’t let me link right now, so that is a pain! Nothing super exciting that I use on there, just the logic puzzles they have.  Also, if you click on the word problems link, there are math stories that are pretty cool, even though they are for 4th and 5th graders, they will work pretty well for a sub day.

I don’t have anything earth shattering for sub plans, I can’t wait to see what everyone else shares for #msSunFun!


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