#myFavFriday- Estimation180

I was out in the hall greeting students this morning.  When I came into class, were they all sitting silently in their seats prepared for the wisdom I was about to impart?  No. 

They were up at the board, rulers in hand, measuring fingers out, moving the rulers from man to lamppost to shadows and back again.  Then there would be a heated discussion about why the answer was 19′ 6″ and not 19′ 3″.  Then they would rush back to their desks and do some calculations, then back up to the board again.  I just sat back to watch.

After things appeared to die down, I said, “… Are we ready?”  NO! shouted several students, and they ran back to the board to do more measurements.

This, along with the reasons below, are why Mr. Stadel’s Estimation180 site is my #myFavFriday today.  After reading Fawn’s post about this site, I did a new estimation in my class each day this week.  The students are loving Fawn’s idea of using Instant Classroom to randomly choose someone who can put their estimate online.  This has quickly become one of the best things we do each day!

Reasons why I love Estimation180:

1. I began doing these estimations on Tuesday in class, then when I told the kids on Wednesday that we were doing another one, one student yelled, “YES!”

2. One student has been stopping by after lunch before going to her locker and coming to my class just to see the new estimation on the board.

3. One of my students came late to class the other day and was incredibly upset that we had already done the estimation.

4. They all love guessing what the next day’s estimation will be.

If you haven’t done this yet, start tomorrow!  (or maybe wait until Monday)


2 thoughts on “#myFavFriday- Estimation180

  1. oh my gosh – sounds JUST like my class sounded on Wednesday – Friday!! They LOVE it!! We got all caught up on days 1-20, but can’t find 21 on, so they are hoping they are posted when we go back on Tuesday! 🙂

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