Test Review

I gave a test this week over the material we learned in the first unit.  The day before, I had the kids review the material in groups.  I gave them this page:

I made a pdf to upload to scribd because I am tired of my formatting looking so crazy whenever I upload it, especially since I used a bunch of crazy fonts on this page.  I will also include the link to the word document, so you can change it to meet your review material if you want!

Word File

PDF File if for some reason you have the same exact unit as I do 🙂

The kids worked on this page in groups.  Each kid had to bring their paper to me to check in the box when the problem was right.  If it was wrong, I sent them back to work.  Only one student from each group was allowed out of their seats at a time.  The group that had all students with all problems checked off first won.  I didn’t think it would be as successful as it was, but the competition brought out a great side in some kids and they were working hard to make sure that everyone in their group knew the material!


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