Order of Operations Game

I read about this amazing game over on Writing to Learn to Teach this summer.  It looked awesome so I made my own set for each group of kids in my room.  I planned on using it near the beginning of last week, but my timing has been so off this year and I didn’t get to the game until today.  I also was very jealous of the several other teachers who posted that they had played this game last week, so by today I was very ready to have the kids play.  And wow!  It went so well!  I do want to point out that when I went to this blog today, I noticed an update with the printable files and I definitely recommend doing this as you will soon see why in my pictures.

20120924-104232.jpg Notice the unusually large operation signs as compared to the numbers.  A little tip for the future- if you plan on doing any sort of activity like this, please check the sizes of things before you copy, laminate, and cut out all of the pieces 🙂  Just wait until you see the exponents.




We started without parentheses or exponents, then added in one at a time.  This student had been begging me all morning to use his hands in a picture.  Now he is famous.

 The good news is that apparently I didn’t take any pictures while they were using the exponents, so you can’t see how ridiculously large they are.

I hope we will have more time to play this again tomorrow.  It is also going to be a great one when I need a quick time filler!


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