Order of Operations

For the order of operations, we are starting with this foldable:

20120918-105356.jpg      20120918-105449.jpg

Our school is pushing cross curricular writing assignments this year.  So, I am also having the kids do a paper for the first time.  They will be explaining why we use the order of operations and then explaining the steps.    So I will grade the math content and then pass the papers on to our language arts teacher who will grade the writing.  I found this awesome page to use for a graphic organizer.

The kids also did a matching activity cause I just can’t resist them.  The were given the original expression and then a page will each line of the work to show along with a list of the PEMDAS steps.   They had to figure out what step would go next and the reasoning.


I am obsessed with these kind of activies these days.  They get the kids talking and working with all of the pieces like  puzzle and they have to prove what they know so much more than if they were just copying down examples.

Then tomorrow we will do some problems on white boards and also play this game.  I am so excited for the game because I have been hearing about it going really well from twitter friends!

The one thing I am struggling with is the off task talking and behavior during the group activities.  I love doing them so much more than what I used to do, but I am facing a new set of problems that I haven’t had before.  I have tried group points, individual rewards, whole class points, if they don’t finish- it is their homework… and nothing seems to make a huge difference.  I am now going to try putting 3 little post it flags on their desks, and if they are off topic or wasting time I will take one away.  If you loose them all you get a planner signature, if you keep them all you get a reward ticket for our drawing.  Hopefully I will report good things!  If you have ideas that have worked for you, please let me know!!


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