These are a few of my favorite things…

Today I randomly pulled out one of my favorite things, and it worked so well that I had to blog about it!  I have a box full of various fidget balls that I have gathered throughout the years. 


When I got it out this morning, one of my students who has a lot of trouble staying focused asked what they were, so I gave him one and he had a fantastic day!  He was in my room for two periods and did everything he was supposed to do and wasn’t disruptive at all.  I also used one for another student in a different hour and it worked like magic!  I am fully aware that tomorrow they might be a huge distraction and have the opposite effect, but I am happy that they worked today!

Next is a very random favorite thing.  I had a student ask me about my white board today.  He wanted to know what I wrote with when I made my lines.  You can see a small part of it here (he was talking about the thin orange line):


So I told him that I wrote with sharpie.  Cue the collective gasp from my students.  They were all very concerned that I would get in trouble for ruining the white board.  So to prove my point, I asked someone to throw me a sharpie and drew a huge line throught the middle of the board… and then drew over with with white board marker and erased it with the white board eraser.  So if you aren’t aware of this- it is pretty useful.  I always draw dividing lines for the sides of my board for my schedule, homework, and objectives.  They look much nicer than thick white board lines.  I also have used sharpie to draw a coordinate plane on the white board so we can use it over and over to graph multiple points or to write problems that I do not want erased for a while.  Try it if you haven’t!

So really, it is only two of my favorite things today.  Sorry if you were really hoping for more than two 🙂


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