#made4math- Equation Envelopes

Some of my students still struggle with the concept of solving one step equations.  I made this activity so that they start to think about the variable as an envelope and they are trying to figure out what is inside.  This will lead nicely into multi step equations when I hope to compare the equations to a gift that you need to unwrap.  First the ribbon, then the paper, etc.  So I wrote the answer for each probelm on a notecard, then put the card in an envelope.  Each group will get one envelope per problem.

I hate that none of my assignments that I upload to scribd look the same after I upload them.  I promise, it was super cute and lined up nicely when I uploaded it!  Feel free to fix and/or change if you want it!

Here it is!


2 thoughts on “#made4math- Equation Envelopes

  1. Love all of these activities!! I wish I could access these activities you’re creating because I’d LOVE to print and use some. However, I do not have a scribd account, so I cannot access them. Love what you’re doing though!

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