#msSunFun- Unit Organization


My Sunday Funday post for today is about how I organize my units.  I have several huge binders, and each binder holds 3 units.

In the binder, everything is in page protectors.  The units are held together by a binder clip.  The first page protector has my unit plan.  My unit plans have the objectives covered on the first page, then the rest of the pages are broken down into individual lessons with objectives, activities I have planned, opportunities for reteaching or extension, and how I am assessing the lesson.  If you want my unit plan template, just let me know!

After the unit plan, the  next page protector has the extension activies (I always have these on one of my bulletin boards for kids to work on when they are finished with their regular work or to take home and work on).  Then each lesson or activity has its own page protector.  The master copies and answer keys to everything are also in there.

The last page protector has the unit test. 

I also make notes on post its after I do a lesson and note if the lesson went well or what changes I would make for next time.


6 thoughts on “#msSunFun- Unit Organization

  1. I like your binder set-up. I’m wondering what you do with ideas you find (that could possibly be used for your units but you’re not currently working on that unit). I feel like I come across a lot of great ideas and then forget about them when the time comes to teach that unit!

    • I recently started using evernote for this sort of thing (storing away ideas that I want to have easy access to, later on), and have been very happy with it. (I’m assuming that the ideas you mention in your comment are, of course, ideas found in the blogosphere…)

    • For the ideas that I find from blogs on google reader, I tag with a general category, like “geometry” then when I am planning that unit, I look in that folder. For things I have printed, I have file folders with the same titles that I keep ideas in. I don’t think that this is the best system and I would love to find a better way!!

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