My Obsession with Sorting

Last week, I posted about my Scoring Scales Match activity.  Since then I have become obsessed with making activities like this.  But I decided that sort is probably the more appropriate word for what I am having the kids doing.  I made a whole bunch of these today.  Many of them were for my study skills class.  Some of what we have to do for that class is just basic boring notes on different study tips, so instead of having the kids do that, I typed everything up, mixed it up, then I am going to have them organize their notes and glue them down.  This way the students will be engaged and will actually have to read the notes and put them in an order that makes sense so they will remember it!  Yay!

I also did a few for math class that I am very excited to do this week.  I will update after I do them.

First- Number Properties

We did number properties on Friday, but the foldable plus all of the other business took a lot longer than I thought (it went great, just ran long!) so I did not leave with a good feeling of how well the students were understanding number properties.   I am going to have the kids do this sorting activity to start off class Monday and then have the kids practice on whiteboards then we will end class with a quick formal assessment.

Order of Operations

We will be doing order of operations later this week, and even though they should have learned this before, the kids always come in having no clue what I am talking about.  So we are going to start off working through these problems.  The kids will put the steps in order and name what PEMDAS step was used to solve each step to get to the answer.

Hope you like them!


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