#msSunFun- Math Games


This week’s #msSunFun is math games.  I have 2 go to games that we play often, but I am excited to hear about others. 

#1: 24

I actually have a set of these cards that I played at home when I was little, but even without the cards, this game is easy to play.  Give the students 4 numbers and they have to add, subtract, multiply, or divide to get to the number 24.  I usually do first with the answer wins.  It is awesome when class ends and we don’t have an answer and they ask me for the answer.  I always tell them, I don’t have the answer key!  I am working through the problem with you.  Sometimes I see the answer right away and sometimes I need to work a little harder.  Even if I see the answer, I never tell them and always have a student or two who come back between classes later in the day and say, “I got it!  I got it!”  The problem I have with this game is that there are often one or two kids who are very good at fast calculations, so their hands are the first up every time.  Then other students tend to give up.  So I usually say you can only win 3 times, then you are out. 

#2: The Dice Game

Each student needs a piece of scrap paper.  Everyone stands up, I roll 2 dice.  We multiply the 2 numbers on the dice to get a score.   If anyone thinks that that number is the best score they can get, they write that number down on their paper under round 1 and sit down.  They are finished for the round.  Then you roll again, multiply, but add that total to the previous one.  Again, if  you think this is the best score you can get, write it down and sit down.  Continue.  The trick is that at any point that a 2 shows on either die, anyone still standing earns a 0 for that round.  Then the round is over and you start completely over with everyone standing up for round 2.  Play as long as you want and at the end of the game, everyone adds up their total.  Highest total wins.


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