First Foldable- Number Properties

I had the kids do their first foldable today!  In the past, I have done many graphic organizers, but nothing that I would officially consider a foldable.  The lesson was number properties, and there were 6 that students needed to learn, so I made a 6 flap page.  It went great!  On the outside we did the name of the property and a phrase to help the kids remember, on the inside of the door we did an example and the definition.  I am excited to continue making these with the kids. 


So then after I had my class make the foldable, they then had to name the properties from given expressions and fill in the other side of the equal signs when given the property.   They did amazing!  I was walking around and heard them saying things like, “No, the 17 and 8 are in the same order, that can’t be commutative” and “Isn’t it supposed to be broken apart to demonstrate the distributive property?” They were doing it!  The perfect group work situation.  The perfect end to an amazing week.  THIS is the feeling that I hold on to when there are those inevitable bad days.  THIS is why I do it.


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