Notebook Setup

Phew.  I am coming off of 3 full days of professional development and working in my classroom.  No matter how much I do every summer, I still feel like I am behind when I get back.  I have a huge pile of “things to file when I have time” and a closet full of things I shoved in there and quickly closed the door.  I am imagining I will get to those things somewhere around February.  Oh, the life of a teacher 🙂

So after today I feel like my classroom is finally as ready as I need it to be for the first day.  I also made a ton of copies today and feel like I am heading in the perfect direction for my first unit.  I planned out a few foldables after reading this super helpful post from Sarah over at Everybody is a Genius.  She walks everyone through her thought process on creating foldables and gave me the courage to plan a few of my own.  I love foldables but had only used other people’s ideas up until this point.  Check out her blog if you haven’t already!

I will post those foldables as soon as they are picture ready, but at this point they are still in the planning stages.  Today I want to show you my plans for the beginning of my notebooks.

At this point I am way too exhausted to upload all of the files, but please comment if you want something and I would be happy to upload it for everyone.

My first page with the notebook rules and guidelines:

Next I have our classroom expectations direct from the wall of my classroom, just scaled down.  Can’t ever tel them too many times 🙂

Next comes the class brochure.  Don’t mind the writing behind, I changed what I was going to put on that page.  All the basic class information in here.

So I have always felt like students don’t know how to use examples to help themselves.  We have them do examples then they can’t even use them.  So I am trying something new thing new this year.  I created a mini assignment where they kids will use examples to do problems that are unlike anything they have seen before.  I will update you on whether it works or not!

Then comes my activity on our SBG system.  I find students have a hard time understanding the system, and I want it to be really clear.  Another first that I will update you on!

Finally, my reference pages.  In here I have tools that the students can use.  They are on red paper and students can always use them on tests and quizzes.  They have things like number lines that students can use but won’t give them information they should know on their own.  Another first.

More info on the specific foldables and lessons later!


3 thoughts on “Notebook Setup

  1. Great post! Thanks for sharing the parts of your math notebook, especially including pictures. 🙂

    Your mini assignment about using examples reminds me about problem strings, also known as related problem sets. If you’re not familiar with them, I highly suggest checking out Building Powerful Numeracy for Middle and High School Students by Pamela Harris.

    Here’s what she has to say about problem strings:

    “A problem string is a purposefully designed sequence of related problems that helps students mentally construct numerical relationships and nudges them toward a major, efficient strategy for computation.”

    Looking at your assignment, it sounds like you’re thinking along the same lines. Her book is full of many different problem strings to help students think and talk about numbers instead of just reciting back the steps they’ve been taught.

    (By the way, I just re-read this and it sounds like an ad. Sorry! I went to numerous professional development workshops run by Pam when I first started teaching so I have a lot of experience working with her.)

    Good luck with the start of school! I look forward to hearing how the assignment worked out for your students.

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