#made4math- Page Protector Whiteboards

I’ve seen this idea floating around and I love it!  I think there are so many possibilities for thing you can put in the page protector and I think the kids will be so engaged when they can use white board markers instead of pencil and paper.  I also think it will change a lot of what I do as far as assessment.  Instead of turning in papers, I will be able to walk around and see what students are working on and change my teaching accordingly.  I also plan to use graph paper for graphing equations and slope. 

So here’s what I did:

Step 1: Take page protector and put a piece of white card stock inside.  I did this because I wanted students to be able to hold their answers up when needed and it gives the whiteboards a little more stability.

Step 2: Cut off the 3 hole punch edge.

Step 3: Cut a length of fun duck tape (Yes, I know the old school silver stuff is Duct Tape, but the fun colored kind is actually Duck Tape).  I went with pink zebra stripes, blue jeans, and mustaches.  I folded the tape around the bottom edge first, then did the same for the sides.  I left the top open so I can slide different papers in there.

This was the point when I realized that it might take a lot longer than I thought…  But it really wasn’t too bad once I got a system.

The finished product:

All 3 designs:



14 thoughts on “#made4math- Page Protector Whiteboards

  1. Love the cute & sturdiness of the duct tape edges! Just an idea, copy a grid/graph on one side of your cardstock so its always in your whiteboard…something i them for a lot!

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