Group Behavior Logs

For the blogger initiation this week, I have decided to blog about something I made that I am proud of.  I found this behavior chart that I made a few years ago for my three different sections.   While I wouldn’t say this was the very best thing I have ever made, it made me think about some rewards that I can still use for my class this year, even though I am doing something different for my class behavior.  Some of my views have changed since then.  I have since switched to SBG (my whole school/district has), so the 1 bonus point added to a test seems really silly to me right now.  After learning what I have learned about it, I can’t believe I used to give out bonus points like that, but we live and learn, right?  I also have mixed feelings about no homework passes.  While I think they are a great motivator for some students, I hate the message that homework is something that you can earn you way out of.  It seems like the meaning of homework is lost then.  “Here, student, here’s a pass so you don’t need to learn this.  Good luck on the test!”  I think I would do something like a late homework pass though.  The two rewards that I would definitely use again because I have found them to work amazing are sitting anywhere/using pillows and bringing and unhealthy snack to class.  There is something special about doing something that is out of the ordinary that middle school students love.  Hopefully some of you will be able to use some aspect of this too! Behavior Log


4 thoughts on “Group Behavior Logs

  1. This looks like a great idea. I share your ideas on homework passes, but I’d never thought of doing the late homework pass. Have you found that your students use them when they’ve intentionally not done their homework on time, or are they used more by kids who’ve forgotten their homework?

    How do you award points to the groups?

    • I have found that students do two things, one is forget their homework the very next day, realize they can use the pass, then it is gone; or they save it so long that they never use it. I figure we all forget things, so giving them one chance to forget or not stress when they have one super busy night is a good thing. I award points when everyone in the group is doing the right thing for an extended period of time during that class.

  2. Hi Courtney! This will be the first year that I stop giving out candies to my kids; I really don’t think they’ll miss it and the money could really go toward graph paper, a new requirement for ALL their math work this year. You’re right about the HW pass. I never understood that either. Kids LOVE to be able to sit in the teacher’s chair too or a bean bag. I bought an iPad app to track behavior (focused on positive behaviors more though) called Teacher’s Assistant so I’m looking forward to trying it out.

    Well, it’s my pleasure to feature you on my blog this week:

    Happy blogging! Fawn

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