Scoring Scales

At my school we have a district wide SBG system that we call scoring scales.  It is a 4.0 scale with 3.0 as grade level and 4.0 as above grade level material.  While I love almost every thing about scoring scales, my biggest problem with them is that students don’t generally understand that a 1.0 is really not a good score at all, and neither do the parents.  Yet if a kid brought home a D or F on a test or report card, parents would most likely be very upset.  One of my goals this year is to communicate better with students and parents about what their score actually means.  Then I read Sarah’s post over at Everybody is a Genius.  She talked about the open ended scoring rubric she made for her wall.  I got the idea to do a matching game with my students.  My match has our scoring scale numbers, the approximate grade in the letter system, a description of the scoring scale number, and what that scoring scale number looks like in my math class.  I plan to have students work on this during the first week and glue it into the front of their notebook.

Here is the document if you are interested.


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