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I am more excited about my classroom this year than I ever have before.  Entering the blog world (as a reader and writer) has inspired me to make a lot more for my classroom. 

One of my favorite things in my room is my clothes line.  This is where I hang students’ work.  Simple clothes line rope and clothes pins.

This is one of my bulletin boards in the front of my room.  I will use the whiteboard to record table points for each group using this system.  I love that I will be able to do group points along with individual points, and it also includes algebra.  Along the side of the whiteboard are my 4.0 opportunities.  My whole district has a uniform SBG scale where 3.0 is mastery of the subject.  4.0 represents students whose knowledge goes above and beyond what is taught in the classroom.  I offer 4.0 opportunties in a few ways.  Each unit assessment that I give has several questions that  students can earn a 4.0 on.  I also have these assignments on the board that students can take and work on at any time to earn a 4.0.  These assignments can’t hurt your grade, even if you get them wrong.  Students can earn 3.5 or 4.0 on these questions/assignments.  Along the top of the board, I am going to add the 100s charts in the next picture.  I will use these for whole class rewards.  Each time the whole class is doing well, I will choose a student to color in one square.  When 10 in a row are filled in, they will get a reward.  I am so sorry, but I can’t find the blog where I read this idea.  If it is yours, let me know and I will give you credit!


The other bulletin board up front has my classroom expectations and noise level rubric.   On the front table are some things for the students.  On the left is a hanging file box.  I stapled a page protector to the front of each file.  All extra papers go in this bin with one copy in the page protector.  Students can get any pages they need from this bin, and if there are none left they bring me the master to make copies.  Next I have mini trash cans from Five Below that students will use in their groups whenever we are cutting things out to keep the scraps so they aren’t everywhere and students aren’t up and down throwing things away.  Then on the right I have trays for students to turn in papers.  No paper ever gets turned in on my desk or handed to me.  Each class has a tray where they turn in everything.  That way no student can ever use the excuse, “I put it on your desk” or “I gave it to you”. 

Hanging from the ceiling are origami shapes that I made a few years ago and covered in mod podge.  They are kind of hard to see, but are pretty cool.

My desk.

Each month, I have an activity for students who get finished early.  Most of them have to do with math and art, some are puzzles, all of them are pretty simple and fun.  I get many of the ideas from the math cats website.

Finally, the shelf where student materials are kept.  I have bins of books, markers, scissors, glue, manipulatives, and games.  Each student has a pencil box under their desk with some of these things for daily use, but there are extras here and things we don’t use as often.

Thanks for reading!

6 thoughts on “Classroom Tour

  1. Your “activity” bulletin board reminded me of a bulletin board that Barbara Delaney (a middle school teacher in Bellingham, MA), Marie Hogan (a middle school teacher in West Covina, CA), and Ashley Miller (a middle school teacher in China Grove, North Carolina) all started using. It’s a problem solving bulletin board — they include a “scenario” (problem prompt with no question) with “What do you notice?” “What do you wonder?” You can see one version of it on Slide 13 on their NCTM 2010 presentation:
    It might be something fun to try!

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