How to Make Signs for the Whiteboard

Step 1: Open Word.  Change page size to fit cute 8 by 8 paper.  Go to to find fonts.  Realize that either I have won a new ipad or have the wrong website.  Go to  Pick cute font.  Type all signs, print on cute paper, trip with paper cutter.  Accidentally cut one of the words.  Reprint sign and recut. 


Step 2: Find cute new folders that don’t match signs.  Buy new paper that matches new folders.  Open previously made signs.  Resize paper for 8.5 x 11 paper.  Fix spacing.  Reprint.  Recut.  Laminate.  Cut lamination.  Back with magnets.


Step 3: Place signs on whiteboard.  Walk two steps away and realize that signs aren’t readable from that distance, nevermind the back row. 

Step 4: Buy new paper.  Resize words to much larger sign.  Reprint.  Recut with new paper cutter.  Fail to figure out how new cutter works.  Go back to old cutter.  Realize why new cutter was purchased.  Learn how to use new cutter.  Cut new signs.  Laminate new signs.  Cut laminating.  Peel old magnets off of old signs.  Hot glue on to new signs.  Hang on whiteboard.



2 thoughts on “How to Make Signs for the Whiteboard

  1. Love your brutally honest sense of humor 🙂

    I have “other signs” for my whiteboards, but now I am inspired to make more for my “Today’s Tasks” section instead of writing it all out. Oh, shoot, I just realized I will have to make two sets – one for Alg and one for Math 8. Oh well, a chance to use different colors, maybe. Thank you so much for making all of the mistakes ahead of time so we can learn from you 🙂

    Cool font – it looks like awesome handwriting.

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