#made4math #2

I made a few new things this week for my classroom.  Nothing major, but I’m still excited!

 First of all, I hot glued pom poms to a bunch of whiteboard markers to use as erasers.  I have seen this many places, but now can’t seem to find any of them.  Sorry to whoever came up with this, I would love to give you credit!  Also, I had planned on the students keeping these in the pencil boxes that are under their desks, but after reading this post, I feel like I must try to keep them face down.  I am really hoping this makes a difference because we go through a ton of markers!  And I also bought my cloths today.  Happy whiteboarding!


 I also made these folders, matching the ones from this post of course.  This idea came from @misscalcul8 on her blog here.  I used clear tape because my folders were busy enough.


Finally, I made these noise level signs.  I already had them posted horizontally in my classroom, but I love the way they were done here so that a clothespin could be moved so the students could see exactly where they were expected to be.  Love my flower.  Happy Monday! 



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