A Big Thank You

I am overwhelmed.  Not in the “omg how am I ever going to get this all done before the school year starts” kind of way, but in the “how can I possibly keep track of all of these amazing ideas that I have learned about this summer” kind of way.  At the beginning of the summer, I was following one blog.  I also had a few websites that I wanted to look at when I had more time so I created an email titled ‘examine further’, pasted all of the links in there, and sent it to myself.  Great idea, right?  Until the email has now turned into about 20 back and forth emails to myself spanning almost 100 links and has given birth to the ‘print’ email with an equal amount of links.  And all of this was before I got deep into blogs, at this point I was just skimming the surface.  Then I found out about greader.  If you are a reader of blogs and don’t use greader to organize things, do it now.  You can star and tag posts that you like and then come back to them later.  Only there’s one more problem, now I have over 100 posts starred that I still need to come back to.  When I check my greader app during the day and see 20 new posts, I get excited, but also know they are just going to lead me to more amazing projects! 

I went through my blog list and tagged all of the posts that I needed to get done before the school year starts.  Then I dedicated my night tonight (isn’t this what all of the cool kids are doing on Friday night?) to creating whatever I needed to create to make those ideas happen.  Here are some of the amazing things that I have found:

Translating Words Into Math– This is a catchy way of having the kids remember which words go with certain operations.  I love the visual.  I also love that she does parentheses words and turn around words.  This is one of my very favorite blogs to read.  Katie, if you are reading this, never stop blogging!  I love your ideas!

Operations With Integers Review Game– Another amazing find from Middle School Math Madness.  I think what I like best about this activity is that students will need to look carefully for things like the numbers that will divide evenly in order to fit the quotient rule and also they will have to think about what being “greater than” a negative number really means.  I think students would automatically think of a larger negative number.  Thanks again, Katie!

Classroom Expectations- I love having these expectations typed out clearly for all to see.  The best one is the one about coming in and asking NO QUESTIONS.  One of my biggest pet peeves is students who run up at class time saying something along the lines of, “iforgotmyhomeworkbecausemylittlesisterwasbeingapainandmybookisinmydad’scarandcanilookoffMary’sbookfortodaywewon’ttalkIpromise.” While I am just standing there with my hand out ready for a handshake and a hello.  Transitions between classes are too crazy for me to hear 28 questions, take attendance, check in homework, and finally get a sip of that coffee.  And I also liked this post because of her other poster:

 This reminds me of one of my favorite teammates who often says to the students, “Oh I’m sorry, I only argue at 7:30 or 4.  If you want to discuss this then, I’m available.”  I love that.








Frayer Model–  I also planned out a little of what I want to do for my vocabulary for this year.  I have not focused on this as much as I should in the past, so I want to make this a focus this year.  I have seen it on many blogs, and here is one of them.

Dry Erase To Do List– Finally, I worked on my version of the to do list featured in this blog.  I think putting papers in page protectors and using white board markers is going to be my new favorite thing this year.  So many great applications!  Unfortunately, I am still learning this blog thing and have no idea how to insert a picture of the document I created.  Or how to insert the word document.  So if someone is reading and wants to fill me in on how to do that, I would be happy to update this post!

Thank you, thank you, thank you to all of the people who have inspired me this summer.  I will be forever changed as a result.  I feel like I am in a daily professional development session that is actually fun, I learn more than many of the PD sessions I have been in, and I can be in my pjs and no one will know.




4 thoughts on “A Big Thank You

  1. I totally agree. I am overwhelmed. A couple of weeks ago I took a class at Stanford taught by Dan Meyer and he introduced me to google reader. If only I had learned about it a week earlier because I spent hours bookmarking all of these blogs and checking them everyday. Now I can just check google reader. Yay!

    Btw, I wonder how many I have starred…I just keep starring!

  2. ROTFL I know the feeling! I love my Pinterest boards because I can always go back and find what I am looking for. I have really started to use Google docs for the things I create rather than word because then everything is accessible to me from anywhere.

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