#Made4Math… Wednesday

I realize that #made4math is a Monday deal, but since I created my blog on Monday and spent Tuesday actually doing my #made4math project, it is just going to have to be a #made4math Wednesday over here.

So I made these super cute signs for my white board.  I have done this in the past, but those signs were getting a little tired so I made new ones.  I will laminate them, then put magnets on the back so that they can easily go on the white board.  I have a page for the things we do in class so that I can easily change the schedule every day.  This eliminates cuts down on the students continually asking, “What are we doing today?” I also made smaller signs with materials that are needed for my class so that I can post the materials on the whiteboard outside of my room that the students will need for that day. This ensures students will all have what they need for the day. Ha.Image

But then, I saw these folders at the store.


Unfortunately the signs I made earlier were pastel and didn’t go with these folders that I love.  So off to make new signs I went.  Here they are:


Much better.  Plus, bright colors are much more “me” than the pastel ones.  Although the pastels did have sparkles.  So then I moved on to those awesome folders and made these:


I will put these on my wall for students who are absent to collect any work they missed.  I was also going to do a separate poster with the homework assignment that day, but then I realized that I should just combine them and write the homework right on the folder so I added the white space.  I like this because it give the responsibility back to the students to collect and complete their work.  It will also cut down on the students asking “Did we do anything while I was gone?” right??  Sigh.  I wish.  (As an aside, I wish just once students would ask WHAT we did while they were gone vs. IF we did anything.) Another tool that I also have in my room is a bin filled with hanging file folders.  I stapled a page protector to the front of each file.  When I take the pages out of the files for the week, I will move them to this bin.  One page goes in the protector, the rest of the copies go into the folder.  That way, I always have one master in case more copies are needed.  Again, this puts the responsibility on the students to find their missing work.  Hopefully.  No picture for you though.

Finally, after reading this post about putting the students in groups while allowing them to face forward, I decided I would go for it.  Having students always in groups is a bit out of my comfort zone, as I worry about the noise level, but I need to make sure that I am doing what is best for the students and not for me.  I truly believe if I can do what needs to be done for management on my side, the students will learn so much more from working with others on a daily basis.  So I created these table numbers to hang from the ceiling, as well as smaller numbers to use for a point chart for rewards for the groups working the best.  Not clear on these details yet.



7 thoughts on “#Made4Math… Wednesday

  1. I love the idea of the magnets for the white board! When my students ask IF they missed anything when they were absent, my reply is, “Nope. We just finished the unit, took a test, went on a field trip to an amusement park, saw a movie, had a party and met Justin Bieber. We really missed you though.” Most of them roll their eyes and say, “ok, WHAT did I miss, really?” My response then is, “Go check with your team.”

    I went to total group arrangement (teams) in my class four years ago after a professional development session with John Strebe. His book, Engaging Mathematics Students Using Cooperative Learning, is really not like all the other cooperative learning books out there. His focus is more on developing a team concept when they sit together, how to grade assignments and quizzes, how to award team points, activities to help them develop a team name, a team sign and a team celebration (like high fives but more creative). I highly recommend it. When you get the book, you also get access to PDFs of all the activities. Very time saving. I was amazed at how well the students responded and how much more engaged they are now.


  2. This looks great! I’m glad you’re embracing letting students work in groups – once you’ve got the hang of the management, the interactions can be incredible.

    Regarding ‘rewarding groups who work the best’, these posts helped guide what I wanted for ‘good group work’, so maybe they’ll help you:

    Welcome to the Math Blogotwittersphere!

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