First Week Activities

So I was out of town this week, so I couldn’t do a #msSunFun activity.  I had planned to do it on the wiki, but since I joined the blog world this morning, I figured that was a good place to start.

The first day of school is typically very busy, so I usually give the kids something fun and engaging to work on so I can get the necessary things done.  Last year, when the kids came in, I had them work on a string and ring puzzle from this book.  I am obsessed with AIMs products.  If you teach math or science and you are not familiar with these books, go check them out right now.  They do have several free activities on the web site, and you also get activities in their monthly newsletter.  The activities are fun and engaging for me and the kids.  For the first day, the kids had a loose leaf paper ring tied on with a piece of yarn.  They had to get the ring off without opening it or cutting the string.  It was easy and allowed me to do attendance and pass some things out while the kids worked.

Last year, I also did a get to know you bingo game.  I was so excited to do this, the kids had to walk around and ask students what things on the board describe them, then that person signs that square.  The first person with a bingo wins.  Unfortunately, all of my teammates apparently had the exact same bingo idea that day, so by the last class, all of the kids had played bingo in every class and were pretty much done.  Whoops!

This year, I am so excited to do this activity.  The kids will have to match a bunch of numbers to characteristics that describe me. 

  • 15 – the age in months of my amazing daughter
  • 7 – the number of years I have been teaching
  • 24 – the age I got married , etc

Then I will have the kids do the same thing for themselves.  I think I will also have the kids put them on blank sheets of paper and decorate them so we can post them and learn about each other. 

I will also have the kids make name tags, fill out a generic info survey, and go over some basic supply lists and information.  I go over my procedures when we get to them during the rest of the week.  And the following week, and the week after that, and after that…


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